COVE Windows will only install the best products on the market. As such we install the highest quality double and triple glazed windows, with A-rated glass that are complimented by the highest security hardware and locking systems.

Energy efficiency – With the rising cost of fuel, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint, the issue of energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when improving your property. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss escapes through the windows.

The Thermal Rating Register provides a simple system to demonstrate the windows thermal performance by using a colour coded A-G rating, the higher the rating, the better the overall thermal efficiency of your windows, and the greater the savings on your fuel bills for consumers.

The Building regulations require replacement windows to be a minimum of a ‘C’ rating. This is a useful benchmark to consider when choosing replacement windows. The rating of windows not only takes into account the amount of heat the window loses directly, but also the amount of air that can escape through the frame, and the positive benefit of heat energy gained from solar energy.

You may have heard the term ‘U-value’ when researching thermal efficiency of your windows. The ‘U-value’ reflects the thermal insulating performance of your building. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulating performance. Single glazed windows have a typical U-value rating of 5.1 whereas the A-rated windows we provide have a typical U-value of 1.4. If you want to make your home as thermally efficient as possible, have a look at our triple glazing! With a 44mm unit we can get a U-value of 0.8!

In summary, energy efficient windows, when installed properly, can pay for themselves in lower heating and cooling costs over a period of years. Together with improved comfort, appearance and excellent customer care, energy efficient windows from COVE Windows are one investment every home can benefit from.

We at COVE Windows will install ‘A’ rated windows as standard.
Triple glazing is well established in many parts of Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Windows are one of the most exposed parts of a house; if you are looking for the most energy efficient windows on the market, then triple glazing is for you. The thermal insulation benefit is clearly visible through the additional pane of glass and gas filled cavity.

By fitting A-rated windows, an average detached home would save 23 tonnes of carbon over 20 years. Our triple glazed windows are 40% more thermally efficient than typical A-rated windows so your energy saving will increase exponentially!

The main 3 benefits of triple glazing are:

1. Use less energy and save even more money on heating bills

Triple glazed windows have an optimised energy balance to maximise cost savings. Triple glazing allows a high level of solar heat gain, capturing warmth from natural daylight and drawing it into your home. This is combined with exceptional thermal insulation properties with triple glazed windows having a very low U-value* to keep the heat in during night and day.  This means that you’ll need your heating on less often and for shorter periods of time.

2. Maximum comfort

The thermal efficiency of triple glazed windows ensures that cold spots are eliminated. With the correct specification, triple glazed windows from COVE Windows can increase the acoustic installation of your home and reduce the effect of external noise.

3. Enhanced security

The extra pane of glass in triple glazing provides greater security for your home. This is due to the middle pane being made out of toughened glass, which will make it much harder to break compared to the double glazed sealed unit.

* U-value reflects the thermal insulating performance of a building. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulating performance.
the COVE guarantee – All our products go hand in hand with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee as well as deposit protection. Standard.

the COVE price promise – We will match any like for like written quote*
* Quote must be of the same specification and within the last 30 days.
our belief – We think the big national companies give consumers a raw deal. That’s because everyone along the way takes a cut, from commission-only sales reps, their managers to the directors. Not to mention the huge TV advertising budgets and fancy offices. And you – our discerning customer – pay for that cut. So we’re making a stand: taking on the nationals and cowboy outfits to offer you market-leading products at affordable prices. Here’s how we do it differently:

Direct from the makers:
No warehouses. No physical stores. No middlemen. We’re just a passionate team bringing a new way to buy windows and doors: cutting out the fuss and reducing our costs so you can get beautifully made products at a price to suit you.

Our pricing:
Without the middleman we connect you directly with the manufacturers, saving you up to 50% off prices – based on equivalent products in design and functionality.

Uncompromised quality:
Our manufacturers have a proven track record for producing quality, can create unique bespoke items and all products are made to measure.


the benefits
Here’s some of the benefits for choosing COVE Windows as your home improvement installer…

Feeling safe within your own home is so important. We understand this importance and as a result, all of our windows and doors are manufactured to the highest specification with an extensive range of features to give your home the highest level of protection. If you choose to have triple glazing installed for your windows, the middle pane of glass is made with toughened safety glass – increasing your home’s security exponentially.

energy efficient
We’ve worked hard to ensure we only install the most thermally efficient products on the market. Triple glazing is the way forward, especially in these pricey times. If you choose triple glazing your homes thermal efficiency can increase by a humongous 40% compared to double glazing! All of our windows and doors are made to measure to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

acoustics & design
External noise can really spoil the comfort of your home, with your tailor made windows and/or doors, your new product can reduce noise pollution drastically. Each of our customers is unique and as such our friendly and experienced sales representatives will work closely with you to ensure you are 110% happy with what you are purchasing.

low maintenance
Thanks to the excellent technology that goes into each window and door, we can boast that all of our products are virtually maintenance free! We’ll provide you with a pocket guide on how to look after your new windows once we’ve completed installation.

We provide a 10-year insurance backed guarantee on all of our windows and doors.

customer service
We will be with you from first point of contact to post installation, giving 110% at every stage. Choosing the right products for your home can be a difficult decision and quite overwhelming. Never fear! Our experienced and passionate team will be with you all the way, working with you to ensure you are completely happy with your home additions.

Quality is a key part to the COVE experience. We are completely dedicated to quality at every stage, by providing a quality service with quality products we are sure you will be able to enjoy your new products for many years to come.

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